Friday, 9 May 2008

A little taste of Devon

Breakfast in the garden

Last weekend went down to visit my parents in Devon. We travelled down on Friday afternoon and arrived at my parents house quite late. The weather was lovely for the whole weekend, despite what the forecasters had predicted. In fact, it was so nice on the Saturday that we had breakfast in the garden. After lunch we walked to a nearby field and the Podlings had a lovely time running around and chasing my parents' dog, Molly. We spent a lovely couple of hours in the sunshine. Mum made a daisy chain for Lily, Tom found a puddle to jump in and the children enjoyed their snack of apples and juice lounging against their daddy on the grass. It was a pretty idyllic afternoon. On the way home, we popped into a shop and bought ice creams. Tom had a red ice lolly which, as you can see from the picture, he enjoyed a great deal!

Apple time! Snacks in the sunshine.

Mum making a daisy chain. Lily had wandered off by this point!

No, he hasn't been involved in a terrible accident, that's ice lolly all over his face!

On the Sunday we went to a local farm attraction (see post below), and on the Monday we went to visit my grandad. I haven't seen my grandad since before Christmas, so I really wanted to see him this visit. He lives alone and can get a little lonely, so I knew a visit from the Podlings would cheer him up. He absolutely adores little children and was completely taken with Lily, who was on top form that day. She has completely overcome her shyness of men and was chatting quite happily to her great grandad and even sat on his lap a couple of times. She gave him the most enormous hug when we left, which my mum managed to capture on camera. I was pleased we got to see him and I'm glad we were able to brighten his day.

Lily with my grandad

We travelled home Monday night and planned to put the Podlings straight to bed when we got home. We were halfway back to Staffordshire when I realised my house keys were back in Devon! Mark's parents live just over an hour away from us, but they are the nearest people to us who have a key to our house so we had drag them out of their house in the middle of the night to come and let us in! We were still able to put the children straight to bed, but poor Mum and Dad P had a late night that night. I felt like a bit of a wally for forgetting my keys I can tell you!

Key fiasco notwithstanding, we had a wonderful visit with my mum and dad. The three day weekend really made it feel like a holiday and we had a lot of fun. I can't wait until we see them again.

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Fi said...

What an absolutely FANTASTIC photo of Tom smeared with ice-lolly! Glad you had a good weekend,