Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Bunny laundering

I took advantage of the good drying weather today and washed the Podlings' cuddly rabbits. The Podlings both take their rabbits to bed with them every night and they travel with us when we stay overnight anywhere, so they were both in need of a wash. I thought they looked really funny hanging by their ears from the line!

We bought the rabbit on the left when I was 12 weeks pregnant with Tom (the first thing I bought for 'the baby') and it is the only cuddly toy he has ever shown any interest in. It was invaluable when he was tiny as we found the bunny really useful if we needed Tom to sleep when he was overstimulated. We'd place the rabbit on his tummy as if it were giving him a cuddle and we'd put one of the ears over his eyes to block out the light (see picture below). He'd fall asleep really quickly like that and we'd move the ear away from his face as soon as he dozed off. It worked so well, we bought a similar rabbit for Lily when she was born. It was even more useful for her as she was very easily overstimulated and really difficult to get off to sleep. The whole 'ear over the eyes' thing earned the rabbits the nickname Blackout Bunnies...I'm hoping they still sell these if/when we have another baby.

Tom, aged 3 months, with his Blackout Bunny

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