Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Lily's 2nd birthday

I went in to get Lily this morning and told her it was her birthday today. "Hooray!" she replied, "Birthday cake!". She obviously had a fair idea what is involved in a birthday! We opened the presents gradually over the course of the morning and I was really pleased that she loved the apron and the lamb I made her. In fact, she insisted on wearing the apron all morning!

We spent the morning playing with her new toys and books. The Podlings spent over an hour playing with the plasticine set that she received (thanks to Fiona for was a big hit!). Mark's mum and dad arrived while the Podlings were resting, so I got Tom up a bit early so he could play outside with his Nanna and Grandad.

When Lily woke up from her nap, they got to enjoy the two 'big' presents from her Nanna and Grandad...a Wendy house and a sand table. These were, hands down, the favourite presents of the day. Thankfully the rain that was forecast for today held off and the Podlings were able to play in the garden all afternoon. They had a wonderful time. Lily told me, whilst shovelling sand into a bucket, that she was having a "busy day".

Mark was able to get home from work early so he could come to Lily's birthday party. Her birthday cake was the usual Smartie cake, but I put a few little farm animals on top because Lily is currently farm obsessed. She loved it when we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her (even Tom joined in) and we had to sing it to her several times over the rest of the day!

I love that both Tom and Lily's eyes are glued to the cake stand with the sweet treats on it!
Both of the Podlings enjoyed today. In fact, Tom pretty much thought it was his birthday anyway! They both went to bed late tonight having had a wonderful day. I just can't believe my baby is two years old!
After her party, Lily invited her Nanna into the Wendy house for coffee.

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