Monday, 2 May 2016

Clumber Park

On Sunday we met up with Mark's parents for a lovely walk around Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. We didn't have a particularly long walk, but it was very pleasant and peaceful. There were a lot of water fowl and the Podlings were delighted by the little goslings. We loved watching the squirrels chasing each other in the woods and I enjoyed spotting the woodland birds. We finished up in the lovely adventure playground where the Podlings tucked in to the chocolates grandad had bought and then, as a final treat, we bought them ice cream from the gift shop. We would like to go again and explore further as the park is fairly extensive and we barely scratched the surface.

We went back to Mark's mum and dad's house afterwards for a lovely (indoor) barbecue tea and left rather late for our drive home. Thankfully the bank holiday meant that the Podlings could all sleep in the next morning, which they obligingly did, allowing Mummy and Daddy a little more rest also!

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Ann Kay said...

Clumber Park as we used to call is extensive and has things to suit all tastes.
We were taken when I was quite young to see the Major Oak and at that tine we were allowed to walk round it and go inside the huge split. Nowadays of course its all held up and no longer can you get as close as we did.
Always in the air is the Robin Hood legend, and the large lake last time I was there had lots of Canadian Geese etc.etc. around. Edwinstowe village is quite near and not big but another area to explore.
We call it the Dukeries Area. Worth lots more looks at.