Monday, 9 May 2016

A (chilly) trip to the beach

We took a trip to Formby Point on Saturday so the Podlings could have a runabout on the beach. It was rather cold, but we were armed, as usual, with our Thermos and a picnic to sustain us. The tide was exceedingly out when we arrived, which was probably a good thing as my crazy kids would have ended up in it otherwise and it was much too cold! The girls and Alex satisfied themselves with paddling in a very cold pool the tide had left behind. Tom, who hates being cold, kept himself happy exploring the dunes. They all had a wonderful time playing on the beach and as it was getting late we decided to treat them to KFC for tea.

Alex's happy demeanor on the beach belied the fact that he must have been sickening for something. He hadn't had much appetite over the day, but that hadn't given me much cause for concern. When we got to the restaurant, Alex was a bit unsettled and grumpy, but I put it down to tiredness as he started to tuck in to chips and ketchup. He suddenly started to get unhappy again and climbed onto my lap, shortly before emptying the contents of his stomach over me and the floor! Fantastic! Alex has never been sick before and he saves it until we are eating out! We were expecting a terrible trip home, but thankfully both he and Lily (who was also feeling unwell) slept in the car the whole way. We put them to bed and although Alex was still a bit peaky the next day, they were soon right as rain. An interesting weekend on the whole! 

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WiNz SKILLz said...

I love kfc aswell i like the fried chicken strips