Friday, 13 May 2016

Alexander's Second Birthday

Alex had an absolutely lovely day on his birthday. He has seen enough birthdays with three siblings to know that those pretty wrapped parcels contain presents. My original thought that he would spend the day gradually opening his gifts was quickly revised when he came downstairs and wanted to open all his gifts straight away! He was a very lucky boy and got lots of lovely presents, most of them with wheels, which made him very happy. He now thinks all presents contain cars!

One of the nice things about May birthdays is the weather and my little outdoor boy was blessed with a gloriously sunny day for his second birthday. After breakfast, we blew bubbles in the garden and then went for a lovely walk in the countryside behind the house, stopping to blow dandelion clocks and admire the wildflowers and butterflies. A perfect morning with my littlest Podling.

Mark's parents came round to spend the afternoon with us, bringing more gifts for the lucky birthday boy, including a lovely sand table. We had a lovely birthday tea and Alex knew exactly what to do with his cake. He certainly enjoyed eating it! It was one very happy little two year old that went to bed that night having had the most delightful day, perfect in every way for our special little boy.

Enjoying his new toys

Showing us his sweet birthday outfit

Lots of Mummy kisses!

A country walk for my outdoor boy

Stopping to enjoy the flowers

A teddy driving in the countryside for my outdoor, car-loving boy, lovingly made by Mummy

I was really pleased with how the cake turned out. 

The cake topper was a Cherished Teddy ornament that will now be displayed in his room

Homemade fairy cakes for the birthday tea

"Happy birthday to you!"

Make a wish

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