Thursday, 12 May 2016

Alexander is 2

My littlest baby turned two years old and I am in denial! It doesn't seem possible that two years have passed since this sweet boy entered our lives. It seems incredible that even when you are determined to savour every moment, time still slips by so fast. Alex is such a happy, smiley little boy and makes us laugh every day. He is at his happiest outdoors and will walk for miles. We no longer bother with the baby carrier when we go on our walks, he just walks right along with us. I've never had a toddler actually wear out a pair of shoes before, but my little outdoor boy has managed it! He loves cars (and all things that go) and will play quite happily on his own for long periods of time with his toys. Anyone with a toddler will know what a boon that is! His speech has suddenly taken off and he is learning new words by the day, even making up a few of his own. The whole family now calls Lego 'dugadee' thanks to Alex. We have no idea how he came by that name, but it seems to have stuck! He is much indulged by his older siblings and adored by us all. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Alexander
We love you Boodle Boy!

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