Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Birthday Tea

Another birthday tea, this time for me. I even made myself some paper chains to pretty the place up! Lily lovingly decorated my birthday cake and Emma decorated the fairy cakes. Everyone helped to eat them!

I had the novel experience of snow on my April birthday this year (definitely a first!) and a hailstorm, complete with thunder and lightening in the afternoon. Not exactly your typical spring day! I had a lovely day spent with the people I love, plus some new Folio Society books...a pretty good birthday on the whole, peculiar weather notwithstanding!

Baked by me, decorated by Lily. She did a lovely job on it.

Emma decorated the fairy cakes after I iced them for her. They are so pretty! 

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Ann Kay said...

Belated birthday greetings, cake and buns look quite delicious.

Dennis was 80 last month I had made a fruit cake, Susan and Les came up she had brought a sponge cake made with almond flour, palm sugar and cinnamon and then decorated it with blue icing for water and decorated it with the orange goldfish she had made at home.

We both have fish tanks hence the fish.Both were very tasty cakes.