Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Snow in the Lakes

We love the Lake District and are very lucky that we only live about 90 minutes away from the bottom of the National Park. We try to pop up there whenever we can and last Saturday was already our second visit of the year. We got up there quite late in the day and were surprised to see snow on the high ground. We were even more surprised to find ourselves driving through heavy snowfall! We pressed through the snow shower and found the sunshine waiting for us in Whinlatter Forest.

The Podlings had a wonderful time playing in the fantastic adventure playground. The last time we came to Whinlatter was a warm bank holiday weekend and the playground was heaving. Today, because it was cold and late in the day, the Podlings had the entire playground to themselves and they relished every minute of it. They were delighted when the snow briefly caught up with us. It was quite magical, standing in the quiet forest amongst the carved wooden toadstools and fairy doors as the snow drifted gently down through the trees. The shower was short lived and then the sun came out again. Afterwards, we took a drive through Kirkstone Pass and treated the Podlings to KFC for tea before heading home for a very late night. Another lovely day with my favourite people. I love my life! 

Ten minutes after I took this photo it started snowing!


Ann Kay said...

A typical English weather day, bits of all sorts.

Paula said...

It was definitely 'four seasons in one day'! Just your typical English April!