Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Quiet Sunday

After our late night on Saturday, we wanted a nice gentle Sunday to minimise potential crankiness amongst the small folk. The weather was glorious, so we thought a gentle walk in Biddulph Grange Gardens was just the ticket. We bought some fish food, intending to feed the goldfish in the lake, but unfortunately they were so full they just weren't interested. The Podlings were a bit disappointed, but they still enjoyed a lovely walk round the gardens.

We've been here many times and we seem to find something new every time we come. This time we discovered a new part of the China garden we hadn't seen before. We finished up, as always, in the little second hand bookshop where I found a delightful book full of beautiful watercolour paintings of English flowers. We enjoyed a quick tea and some biscuits in the car park before picking up fish and chips for tea on the way home. A perfect end to a lovely day.  

A boy and his ball.

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