Monday, 6 July 2015

Sand, Sea and Squirrels

Mark's failure to see a red squirrel on our first trip to Formby necessitated a return visit the following week. Our commitment to the quest for the red squirrel was amply rewarded by the little chap in the picture above, who sauntered over to a tree right in front of us and sat there calmly eating and glancing at us occasionally with his beady eyes. He stayed there for ages before going on his merry way again and we felt that we had been exceedingly lucky to get so close to a red squirrel.

We carried on our walk in the woods for a while and then went to the beach where Alex enjoyed his first proper walk on sand. He loved being able to just walk and walk. He also loved paddling in the tide pool until he plopped straight down on his little bottom in it. Suddenly the water was dramatically less amusing! I think he would have got used to it on a warmer day, but it was quite cold and windy the day we were there and he was not amused! Thankfully, rather like his mother, there isn't much a slice of cake and a couple of biscuits can't fix and he was soon his happy self again.

We've rather enjoyed our trips to Formby and I'm sure we will return. For Alexander's sake, hopefully the weather will be better the next time!

Shortly before he sat down rather unexpectedly in the water and found he didn't like it quite as much as he thought he did!

Finding solace in a slice of angel cake!

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