Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Emma is Six

Tiny baby Emma

My little bundle of sunshine turned six years old today! Not that she looks it! She is still very petite and is one of the smallest in her year. In fact, there are quite a number of children in the year below her who are already taller than my little pocket Podling. Alex will be overtaking her in a few years!

Emma has always been such a happy little girl and has so much character in her little frame. She has an infectious laugh and spreads joy wherever she goes. Even her teacher has commented on her sunshiny personality. She spends a lot of her life in her own little world and it is not always easy to bring her back to the real world, something that is not always of benefit to her in the classroom! Emma is not over keen on school and would much prefer to be home with me. I would much prefer her to be home with me too, so at least we are in agreement! She has been at school for two years and I still miss her being home.

Emma and Lily have a special bond and Emma will do anything for her big sister, often sacrificing her own desires to please her. She is a very giving little girl and shares readily. 

Emma loves to be read to and spends a lot of time drawing pictures and stories. She loves small world play and will play on her own quite contentedly for long periods of time. She is very affectionate and frequently tells me she loves me. The feeling is entirely reciprocated. I absolutely adore this little girl!

Happy 6th Birthday Emma
We love you so much!

Still quite tiny!

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Ann Kay said...

Don't worry about her being tiny. Susan was the smallest in Nursery, Infants and for 3 years in the Comprehensive and is still only 4' 11 1/2 but fine in all other ways. Emma will find her niche I feel sure.