Sunday, 26 July 2015

Downs Banks Again

The weekend of my parents' visit we took them out to Downs Banks so that the Podlings and the Dogs could have  a run and my parents could enjoy some of our lovely Staffordshire countryside. We brought a Thermos and some cake and biscuits (of course) and also brought along Phoebe, the girls' friend from over the road. The three girls found a lovely spot in the woods and claimed it for their own, spending most our time there playing in it. Tom bounced his ball and Alex loved being able to roam free. My little outdoor boy is never happier than when playing outside! We were entertained by an entire herd of young cows walking past us whilst we enjoyed our little picnic. Thankfully we were in a little fenced off picnic area, otherwise I think there might have been more terror and less amusement amongst the children! As it was they lined themselves up along the fence and had a great time watching the cows parading past.

"Come on Grandad..."

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