Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Emma's Sixth Birthday

Opening gifts

A few pictures from Emma's sixth birthday. Emma isn't as keen as Lily to pose for photos, so I just snapped these few over the day. Emma loved her birthday! She had been looking forward to it for so long (more or less since her last birthday!) and clearly loved every minute of her day when it arrived. She opened lots of lovely presents and had doughnuts for breakfast in the morning (a family tradition on birthdays). Her Nanna and Grandad arrived later in the day with the Podlings' cousin Grace, who spends two days a week with her grandparents now that Carrie has gone back to work. Emma was beyond thrilled that Grace was able to come to her birthday. "I'm the first one in the family to have a cousin at their birthday!" she told me proudly. My parents always try to come up for the Podlings' birthdays, so they were with us too and we had quite a houseful on the day.

Emma played happily with her toys, had a wonderful time helping to make her birthday cake and fairy cakes and loved getting to decorate her cake all by herself. We had a little birthday tea in the afternoon and Emma played with her friend from over the road, whom we had invited to tea. She went to bed a very tired and a very happy six year old. She was already planning her seventh birthday!

A very happy little girl!

The girls played with Emma's new Playmobil all morning. It has such a high play value and I really like it for the children. Lily has asked for some of her own for Christmas.

Decorating her own birthday cake

Lily and Emma loved playing with Grace

Beautiful baby Grace, always smiling!

Playing Playmobil with Nanna

A very tired Emma snuggled up with her Daddy, who delivered her six years ago today! That was definitely a day to remember! 

The observant amongst you will notice that Emma still has a dummy. She really loves it! Does this bother me? Not in the slightest! She doesn't have any second teeth yet and she only normally has it at bedtime (or when she is very tired). It was her birthday, so we just let her go! She certainly isn't allowed it out of the house. She'll drop it when she's ready (or we'll make a point of it when she gets second teeth). I'm pretty laid back about these things. I'm a great believer in choosing your battles wisely and choosing the right time to fight them! Having four children has given me some experience in these matters!

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