Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Emma's Birthday Tea

Can you see the sneaky little baby hand stealing a pasty in this picture of the party table? That's what happens when you put the highchair too close to the table!

From her fifth birthday until a couple of weeks before her sixth birthday, Emma had been quite adamant that she was going to have a rainbow unicorn birthday. In true Emma fashion, she then suddenly decided she wanted a Minion birthday cake, so I ordered some Minion toys for her to put on the cake. Three days before her birthday she saw some kitten partyware in Tesco and decided she wanted a kitten birthday! Her birthday ended up being a funny mix of all things Emma and she loved it! We had kitten plates, party blowers and bunting from Tesco, pink and floral party decorations and a Minion cake! We invited Lily and Emma's friend from over the road and her mother to tea and the girls had a lovely time. It was the perfect celebration of our funny, quirky little girl. We love her to bits!

I think Emma did a wonderful job decorating her cake

Lily did a lovely job decorating the fairy cakes. The rainbows recall Emma's original chosen rainbow unicorn theme!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you..."

Make a wish!

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