Monday, 24 November 2014

Rocky Road

My Mum and Dad recently gave me the Hummingbird bakery cookbook and I have had a wonderful time flicking though the many pages of promised deliciousness. My parents know me so well! There are several recipes in the book that I am keen to try, but the one that really jumped off the page and screamed 'Make me! Make me now!' were the rocky road bars. It is one of those recipes that makes you gain weight just reading it! I decided to halve the recipe, which originally called for, amongst other things, 1.4 kg of chocolate and 8 Mars bars! The resulting rocky road bars are absolutely heavenly and I will certainly be making these again. Though, for the sake of our health, possibly not too often! I am excited to try some more recipes from this fabulous book.

Just need to add the melted chocolate

Rocky Road! 

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