Thursday, 13 November 2014

6 Months Old

Alexander celebrated his half birthday yesterday. How can he be six months old already? He now weighs 16 lbs 12 oz and has started wearing 6-9 month clothing. He has recently been introduced to the joys of weaning and it's fair to say that he loves his food. I have seen an improvement in his nighttime sleep since introducing some food, though he still doesn't sleep through. He goes to bed at seven, has a bottle around 1 am and then wakes up at 5 am for a cuddle. He will then stay asleep with me until around seven when I have to wake him up! I expect he will drop the nighttime bottle once he is on three meals a day. I can't say that I mind too much, knowing that he is my last baby. I'm not in a hurry for him to grow up and whilst sleep is nice I am well aware that they don't stay little for long. I shall enjoy my nighttime cuddles while they last.

Alexander is a delightfully happy baby. He smiles all the time and has the most delightful giggle. Lily can get the most fantastic laughs out of him. He is very laid back and whilst he loves to be held, is quite capable of entertaining himself if I put him down with a teddy or a rattle. He adores his siblings and has a special smile for his Daddy. He is an absolute delight and we love him very much.

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