Sunday, 30 November 2014


The advent calendars are hanging in the dining room ready for the morning. My mum made one of these beautiful calendars for Tom, Lily and Emma and is now working on one for Alexander. She's a talented lady, my mother! I love these calenders so much and always feel sad in January when I have to take them down.

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Ann Kay said...

wow had we found that when Susan was younger we would never have got her out of the place.Taking her to our local library from 5yrs or under we were always there over an hour or more.
We saw the librarian a few weeks ago whilst doing a store collection on behalf of The British Polio Fellowship which we have done voluntary work for over 50 years. This Librarian stopped and came to talk to the pair of us and still askd " is Susan still an avid reader"?
Of course our answer was YES