Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Birthday

Tea in a favourite tea cup and my new Brambly Hedge book (because you are never too old for picture books!) 

My birthday on Friday was lovely, quiet day. Emma and I played and read together and she helped to make my birthday cake. When Tom and Lily came home, the three of them decorated my cake together. I iced the cake for them (Lily told me to use pink icing) and then I gave them lots of different decorations and candles and allowed them to get on with it. I wasn't allowed to see the cake until they were finished and I think they did a lovely job. They didn't make much mess either, somewhat to my surprise (and relief)! The Podlings and I had a little birthday tea, but we saved the cake until Mark came home from work.

My birthday treat proper was to come the next day, a day trip the Lake District and a visit to Hill Top Farm (home of Beatrix Potter) with the family.

My pretty little cake maker

My finished birthday cake, decorated by the Podlings

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Hamlette said...

Oh, what a lovely cake! It looks better than the ones I've done.

And how wonderful that you got to go to Hilltop Farm! I dream of going there some day.

Happy (belated) birthday!