Tuesday, 30 April 2013

More photos from the Lakes...

Just a few more pictures from our day in the Lake District. I love the Lake District so much! I would love to live there, but first we would have to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or probably several rainbows if we were going to be able to afford a property in the Lake District! We will satisfy ourselves with visiting it whenever we can and be grateful that we live fairly close to it. Two hours in the car and we are in the bottom of the Lake District, that's not too bad really.

A pretty holiday cottage in Near Sawrey. There are a lot of stone buildings in the Lake District and I think they are so delightful.

Lake Windermere 

Taken near our picnic spot at Coniston Water 

The girls paddling in Coniston Water (in wellies, it was much too cold for bare feet!)

This pair of swans basically frog-marched us back to our car. They weren't remotely aggressive (they were probably just hoping we would feed them), but swans are big birds and they were quite intimidating. Emma was not at all impressed!


Catherine said...

Have you ever read the Swallows and Amazons books by Arthur Ransome? They are set in the 1930s in the Lake District and follow the adventures of some children who are allowed free rein to explore the lake where they spend the summers. We're reading the series aloud at our house, and everyone likes the stories. It makes us want to visit there!

Paula said...

I read them as a girl and loved them. I always think about them when we are in the Lake District. I think I might be due a re-read! The idea of a group of unsupervised children being allowed to mess about on boats for days at a time seems somewhat funny now though!

Glad you like the stories. You should certainly visit the Lake District if you are ever in these parts. They are one of the most beautiful parts of England.