Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter Tea

Easter baking 

Easter Sunday tea is one of my favourite meals of the year and I love preparing it. Everything is just so pretty! Cadbury's Mini Eggs always feature heavily with their pretty pastel colours and their delicious Dairy Milk filling. I can't get enough of these delightful confections and they are always something to look forward to in the Spring. The Easter cake (a homemade Victoria sponge) was covered in them (and lots and lots of chocolate!)  Homemade fairy cakes are a must of course and this year I found some delightful Easter cupcake wrappers and picks going for a song in a local shop. Together with yellow buttercream and colourful sugar flowers, the fairy cakes really brightened up the table and the Podlings loved them.

I always make chocolate Easter nests, it wouldn't be an Easter tea without them. They look more authentic when made with Shredded Wheat, but then the Podlings won't eat them so I always make mine with CoCo Pops. Savouries are a necessity of course and I always make egg sandwiches for Easter tea. There were also cheese sandwiches, because you can't go wrong with a cheese sandwich. Everyone likes cheese!

We were lucky enough to have both sets of parents over for Easter this year and the Podlings loved having all their grandparents together. We had a wonderful Easter and it was so nice to be able to spend it with our family.

I couldn't resist these marshmallow bunnies I found. They looked so cute cavorting around the Easter cake (which was delicious, even if I do say so myself!) 

Pretty homemade Easter fairy cakes

Time for tea!


Fi said...

I don't like cheese! (But I do like egg). Not that it matters as I wasn't there. Looks lovely!

Paula said...

Trust you to be different :-)

Hope you had a lovely Easter.

Hamlette said...

Cheese! I love cheese! And chocolate. It all looks -- and sounds -- yummy :-9

Fi said...

To be fair, I am polite enough to eat it if it was given to me. Cheese on toast I like (melted cheese is okay). Blue cheese - bleeurgh!! Chocolate, mmm, chocolate.

Sorry, random post there. We had a lovely Easter, were off work the week after. I even updated the blog with our exploits (and am attempting to back fill the many, many gaps from my abysmal record at blogging!)