Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Teacher Gifts

For Tom and Lily's end of year teacher gifts I thought I'd have a go at using edible wafers. I found this lovely set of 'thank the teacher' papers on eBay for not very much and was excited to give them a go.

I made my usual vanilla fairy cakes and iced them with glace icing. It turns out that you are better off using buttercream  with rice papers as they curl up slightly on wetter icings. Oh well, chalk that one down to experience! They turned out quite well, though not the vision of perfection I had in my head. By the time they were wrapped in their pretty cupcake wrappers and placed in their boxes, they looked pretty decent. It's all in the presentation!

Each teacher received a box of four fairy cakes, each with a different wafer design. 

 There were three boxes in all, one for Tom's teacher, one for Lily's and one for the headteacher.

I had to search before I found these lovely cake boxes. I knew I wanted something pretty, but I didn't want to spend a lot. I was thrilled when I found these, which came with matching cupcake wrappers.


Anonymous said...

Hi, where did you find these cake boxes?

Paula said...

I bought them on eBay. I honestly can't remember who from (it was a while ago)! I've found them again for you here, but I don't know if it is the seller I bought the from:

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,