Sunday, 8 July 2012

Party Girl

Lily had been anticipating the birthday party of a school friend on Saturday, but with Mark away on business and me not being able to drive, we thought she wouldn't be able to attend. Thankfully, a kind neighbour stepped in and offered to take her to the party as her son, who is in Lily's class, was also going. Lily was very excited to have a chance to wear the pretty party dress she was given for her birthday and it gave her another chance to wear the bolero and shoes she wore as a bridesmaid last month. With her hair in a high bun, she really did look as pretty as a picture!

Many thanks to Louise for being so kind as to take Lily to the party and to Fiona for the lovely party dress. Lily was a very happy girl on Saturday morning thanks to you both.

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Fi said...

I am so glad that the dress fits ok - I saw it thought of Lily and just had to buy it (despite the fact that it isn't the most practical of outfits...but I seem to remember you dressing Emma in white and her rolling around in the mud so figured you had the ability to cope!) She looks lovely in her outfit. xx P.S. Learn to drive!!!!!