Sunday, 29 July 2012

An Olympic skirt for Emma

I raised 'last minute' to new heights with this little skirt for Emma. We had tickets to see Team GB play football at Old Trafford last Thursday and I wanted Lily to wear the Jubilee skirt I made her since it is obviously very patriotic. As I dressed Lily in the skirt the morning of the football match, Emma asked "Where's my skirt?". Ah. I had never found the time to make the matching skirt for Emma and I foolishly thought that she wouldn't have remembered about it since I made Lily's a couple of months ago. I ought to have known better as all my children have scarily good memories!

With that sweet little face looking up at me how could I do anything other than reply "Mummy hasn't made it yet. Come on, let's go downstairs and I'll measure you." A couple of hours before Mark came home from work to pick us up, I was sat at my sewing machine frantically sewing a little Union flag skirt for Emma. I actually made it in under an hour, which left me about five minutes to quickly sew up a scarf for Tom in the remaining length of the fabric so he didn't feel left out. Phew!

It was worth the last minute rush as Emma was over the moon with her skirt. She kept coming over to me when I was making it and asking "Is it finished yet?", so when the answer was 'Yes!' she had to put it on right away. Lily and Emma looked so sweet together in their matching skirts. I tied red, white and blue ribbons in their hair before we left and they looked adorable in their little Olympic outfits. I always did work better with a tight deadline!

Emma's skirt has a gathered Broderie Anglaise trim round the bottom and a red, white and blue ribbon bow at the waist. 

My Olympic girls

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