Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dog Walking

Apologies for being somewhat absent lately. As I mentioned, my parents were visiting and we were having a fun and busy week together. Together with computer problems, I simply didn't get the time to blog. Our main computer is as dead as the proverbial doornail at the moment, so I am typing this on our old dinosaur of a laptop. It is slow, but at least it works!

We all loved having my parents and their dogs with us. During their stay, the highlight of the Podings' day was the dog walk. Now that Emma is older, sharing two dogs between three children is becoming more of a problem. Tom and Lily both keep telling their Nanny and Grandad that they need to get another dog so they can have one each! Somehow we seem to manage and everyone gets a turn. It was quite a thrill for Tom and Lily to be picked up from school with the dogs and be able to show them off to their friends. Surprisingly they are not hassling us to get them a dog of their own, though I suspect they would adopt Flash in a heartbeat!

This is the lane we walk up every day to take the children to school. We are lucky as our house is at the bottom of the lane and the school is at the top. We don't have far to walk, which will be convenient in September when I will have to make several trips along it a day when Emma starts playgroup as well.

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