Sunday, 29 July 2012

Emma's Hello Kitty Party

I made these decorations myself. I hung some above the party table and strung others together to make banners that I hung in the lounge and the dining room. 

We are not entirely sure where Emma's love of Hello Kitty has sprung from, but we suspect it was the Hello Kitty electric toothbrush that her grandparents gave her that started it. There is obviously something she finds appealing in the little face as whenever she sees anything with Hello Kitty on it she declares it "My Hello Kitty!!", clasps her hands together in delight and positively gushes over it. Much as I dislike commercially branded anything, how could I not give her a Hello Kitty birthday when she loves her so much! The character also reminds me of when I lived in Malaysia and Brunei as a child, where Hello Kitty and characters very like her were very popular on things for little girls. I suppose I am not completely averse to her myself.

I have to admit I had great fun pulling this party together. The one advantage of having a party with a well known character for the theme was that there is Hello Kitty everything out there, most of it available quite cheaply if you shop around. I was even able to buy Hello Kitty balloons in my weekly online shop from Tesco! I made the hanging printables myself, but the personalised rice papers, bib and KitKat wrappers were all from eBay and were very cheap.

Emma enjoyed her party, but didn't hang around for long. It was really all about the cake for her! She had been after that birthday cake since I made it and had been asking to eat it all day. After she ate her party food, she wandered off to play while everyone else enjoyed the party. Both sets of grandparents were able to be there and I was thrilled that my sister and brother-in-law were also able to come.

When it was time for the cake, Emma was back at the table in a flash. She loved it when we sang 'Happy Birthday' to her and relished blowing out the candles on her cake. Unlike the others, we didn't have to sing it to her a second time as she couldn't wait to get a slice of cake! It was obviously worth the wait as she tucked into her cake, whilst admiring the little Hello Kitty figures I had placed around it.

I really loved doing this party and although I know Emma was probably a little young to take in all the details, I know that we all had a lovely time. That's what it is all about!

The party food

 The cake table, complete with fairy cakes, KitKats and marshmallows, which Emma loves.

Emma's birthday cake. I ordered the personalised rice paper from eBay. It curled a little at the edges unfortunately, but Emma didn't seem to notice! 

Another view of the cake, showing some of the little Hello Kitty toys I bought to decorate it. Mmmm...homemade Victoria sponge! 

I loved these personalised Hello Kitty KitKat wrappers that I found on eBay. You simply remove the normal wrapper and glue these ones on instead. I am now on a mission to design a template for these myself that I can use for future parties. They are so adorable! 

More personalised rice papers on the homemade fairy cakes. Fun! 

I turned the bookcase in the dining room into a little favour table for the Podlings. It looks impressive, but I spent very little on it.

Emma wearing her personalised Hello Kitty bib at her party 

Blowing out the candles...probably the highlight of her day!

 Playing with the Hello Kitty toys from her cake

At last! She'd been waiting all day for that cake!

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