Sunday, 13 February 2011

Our Valentine's party

We have a terribly romantic trip to the dentist planned for the family after school tomorrow, so we had our Valentine's party today instead. Lily was incredibly excited when she saw the table and told me it was the nicest party she'd ever seen, bless her! Tom was over the moon with the chocolate ladybirds, though I think they are more likely to be played with than eaten! We invited the Podlings' Nanna and Grandad to share in our sweet tea and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I certainly enjoyed putting it together!

Happy Valentine's Day!

 I can't claim the credit for this cake, it's a bought one. Tom loves ladybirds, so I couldn't pass it by when I saw it in Tesco. Other sweet treats on the table included foil-wrapped chocolate hearts and ladybirds,  Love Hearts and heart-shaped fruit treats. We had pink lemonade cooled with heart-shaped ice cubes and many other goodies besides.

These biscuits look so effective and are so simple to make. You will need two sizes of cookie cutter and you need to colour half of your biscuit dough pink. I sprinkled these with pink sugar before baking as a finishing touch.

I made heart-shaped fairy cakes with my Miniamo silicone moulds. I iced them with pink buttercream and used Love Hearts and pink sugar for decoration.

 Tom and Lily had a selection of Valentine's chocolates on their plates. I made a cone from a doily and filled it with a chocolate lollipop and heart and ladybird-shaped chocolates.

The Bad Red Ladybird stealing fruit (it's an in-joke, I'll explain it at some point)

The best picture I could manage of the Podlings enjoying their Valentine's party. Tom was not co-operating for photos today!  Emma had a good time with the chocolate lollipop I gave her after she had eaten her tea.


Lainey said...

Take that dentist!

Seriously though, looks lovely.

Catherine said...

Paula, I love how you have such lovely family parties! I wish I was better at doing that.