Monday, 28 February 2011

Emma's nursery

I finally got around to hanging the remainder of the Royal Doulton Bunnikins plates in Emma's room last week. It's only taken me a year to do it! We didn't have the time or the resources to redecorate this room before Emma moved into it, so we had to work with what was there when we moved in to the house. Luckily it was quite neutral, so despite my underlying desire to paint everything pink and put roses everywhere, I felt I could live with what was there. I decided on a Bunnikins theme because the colours work very well with the wallpaper border that was already there, but they also contain pink tones that I could pull out. Plus, what can be cuter than little rabbits in jackets and dresses in a baby's room?

In addition to the plates, the canopy over Emma's cot has lots of little Bunnikins-style rabbits all over it and there are several toy bunnies around the room. The drawers under the cot are full of toys. Emma already knows where to go to get to her things! I can't bear to put the Moses basket away, so it houses two of Emma's stuffed rabbits. It also contains Emma on occasion when she climbs in to play in it!

There are still a few things I would like to do to this room to finish it off, but I think it makes a rather sweet little nursery for my littlest Podling. I have to say I have found the laminate floor tremendously convenient with Emma's recent illness too!

 Three of the Bunnikins plates that hang above Emma's cot (you can click on the photo to make it bigger). I plan to fill in the tear in the wallpaper border by copying the pattern with felt pens. From a distance it shouldn't be too visible.
 Emma's Sarah Louise bibs were too pretty to hide in a drawer, so I have them out on display. The bear is wearing one of Emma's newborn dresses.
Baby girl's clothes are so pretty! I have several of Emma's prettiest newborn dresses on display around the nursery. It seems such a shame to hide them away now that she has outgrown them.

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