Monday, 28 February 2011

Lily's holiday

Lily, packed and ready for her holiday with Nanna and Grandad.

During half term, Lily went to stay with her Nanna and Grandad for a few days. It was the first time she has been away from home without us, so we started off planning for her to stay away for one night. On her second day, she still didn't want to come home and she ended up being away for three nights. I'm not sure she was too keen on coming home even then! She had a fabulous time with her grandparents and clearly enjoyed the undivided attention. We had a little period of adjustment when she got back as she got used to sharing the attention again!

We had lots of tears for Nanna on the night she came home. She was briefly distracted by doing the milk protein experiment from Tom's science book with Tom and Daddy, but the tears were back at bedtime. I had to sit knitting on the end of her bed until she fell asleep. She was back to her bouncy self again the following morning and I suspect that Nanna and Grandad will be getting lots of visits from their little grandaughter in the future. I rather think she would move in with them if she could!

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