Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Sneak peek

A glimpse of what my girls will be wearing on Christmas needlecord pinafore dresses by Sarah Louise with matching embroidered blouses . I love Sarah Louise. They make very traditional clothing and if I were a wealthy woman my girls would be dressed in Sarah Louise outfits all the time!

Peter Pan collars, bullion knot roses, smocking, Christmas reds...could these dresses be any more perfect! I can't wait to see Lily and Emma wearing them on Christmas day. It's enough to melt a mother's heart just thinking about it!

I feel I should point out that I never pay full price for my girls' designer dresses. eBay is my friend!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful dresses, photos before food I take it. :o) Mum.

Paula said...

I would say that's a definite yes! Can't see the collar on Emma's dress staying white for long, can you? :-)