Saturday, 25 December 2010

Podlings in pyjamas

It has become the tradition in our family that on Christmas eve, the Podlings get new pyjamas. Tom and Lily loved their new nightwear and Emma, though largely indifferent, looked very cute anyway. It was too much to hope for a picture of all three of them together, but I did manage to get quite nice individual photos.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas 

Lily has wanted a nightdress for rather a long time and was over the moon with the one she received this evening. She looks like an angel in this beautiful nightie...don't be fooled!
I couldn't find any nice Christmas babygros at a price I was prepared to pay, so I embroidered a plain white one with Emma's monogram, bullion knot roses and stem stitch round the neck and cuffs. I will put up a more detailed picture of the embroidery at some point. The best way to get a picture of my active little Emma in her pyjamas was to turn on the cartoons and snap away while she was mesmerised. I swear she didn't move for at least 10 minutes!

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Anonymous said...

They all look gorgeous, you worked really hard on Emma's and it shows. Mum xxx