Friday, 10 December 2010

Off to the fayre

Santa baby!

This afternoon the Podlings and I went to the Christmas fayre at Tom and Lily's school. There aren't many places where I can give the children a pound each and expect to get much for it, but a pound will buy you quite a lot at the school fayre. Tom couldn't believe his luck when he found a Mr Men book he doesn't have for a mere 10p. We had a pleasant time and came back with a selection of goodies, not least of which was the very box of sweets we sent in for the fayre ourselves. Tom was rather thrilled to win them in the tombola since he rather fancied them when he took them in!

I have to confess to feeling incredibly guilty that I didn't make anything for the bake table. I had planned to make a batch of my fairy cakes, but with the whole family being ill this week and preparing for a long business trip for Mark, I simply didn't have the time. When I saw how little they had on the bake table I felt really bad. I'll have to make a double batch for the summer fayre to ease my conscience. I hadn't actually promised to bring anything, I just like to contribute where I can and I'm good at heaping guilt on myself!

I put Emma in a cute little Santa hat for our outing to the Christmas fayre. My mum knitted it for Tom's second Christmas, along with a matching cardigan. All the Podlings have now worn it, though it was a bit big for Emma when she wore it last year. It matches her red coat and dress so perfectly I couldn't resist taking her picture before I put her in the pram. I can't resist dressing the children in red in's so Christmassy!
Lily, being Lily, had to take a turn wearing the hat too!

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