Saturday, 25 December 2010

Podlings and their presents

Emma completely failed to get the concept of presents and was totally uninterested in any gift given to her with paper on. She couldn't even be tempted to tear the paper. Once someone opened the present for her however, she never failed to give a smile at the gift inside. One of her favourite toys was the new humming top we gave her to replace the old one that broke a few months ago. She loves books at the moment and this picture shows her engrossed in 'Hug' by Jez Alborough.
Lily looked absolutely gorgeous in her red Christmas dress for approximately one hour. At that point she opened her Snow White costume and immediately wanted to put it on. Not long after, she decided to change into the bride costume she received. She ended up in her new dressing gown (long before bedtime!). Here she is playing with the new barn we gave her for her Schleich animals.
Tom was thrilled to get lots and lots of Mr Men and Little Miss books for Christmas. He spent much of the afternoon lining them up in the hallway. He has never outgrown his desire to create orderly rows of similar objects! He did a lot of drawings with his new pens and had a lovely day playing quietly with all his new things. He is such a delightful boy! Here he is playing with his new extended marble run with his daddy.

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