Thursday, 1 July 2010

School visit

Lily on her way to her school visit this afternoon. She is holding the gift she brought for her teacher, a homemade double chocolate muffin that we wrapped in a doily and tied with a purple ribbon that matched her dress. She insisted that I tied the leftover ribbon to the end of her plait!
Lily had her school visit this afternoon in which she got to spend an hour in the classroom with her future teacher. She was very excited about going and spent all day asking if she could go to school yet! Finally, 1.45pm rolled around and I took her up to the school and handed her over to her teacher. She absolutely loved her visit and told everyone she walked past that she had been to school today. She was most thrilled that she got to play with Tom in the playground during her time there. She keeps telling me that she wants to go to school "as long as Tom", so at least I know she is ready for full-time education! She was most ecstatic to have been given 'homework' ready for September. It was a few simple 'all about me' sheets for her to draw and colour that she insisted on completing the second she walked through the front door! Lily is so ready for school and I am certainly not as worried about her starting as I was about Tom last year. Starting school is a big transition, but I strongly suspect that Lily will love being a schoolgirl!
It was quite a blustery day today. A gust of wind caught Lily's dress and hair just as I snapped this photo, but I love her sweet face so I'm sharing it anyway.

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