Sunday, 4 July 2010

Let's go fly a kite

It was a blustery day today, so we took Tom's kite up to the hill behind our house to see if we could get it to fly (we haven't had a lot of luck in the past). After a few failed attempts we finally got it up for a few decent flights. I was just remembering how to actually fly a kite and had got the thing up pretty high when Lily asked if she could hold the kite. I remember buying this particular kite because it said it was suitable for ages four and up, so I passed her the handle. Unfortunately, as I did so a huge gust of wind just tore it out of our hands and the whole family watched helplessly as the kite took off on it's most spectacular voyage to date! Who knew that the best way to keep a kite in the air was to let go of it! It got well and truly tangled in the trees further up the hill and flew quite happily for ages before finally crashing way out of reach. Mark tried in vain to reach it with a long branch, but there it remains, destined to spend the rest of its days stuck up a tree where it can taunt me daily as I walk past it on the school run!

The Podlings were easily mollified with a trip to the park and the promise of a new kite. When we got home, I quickly made a special 'farewell kite' pudding whilst I made tea. I made a batch of coconut biscuit dough, cut out some kite shapes freehand and made holes in the bottom. When the biscuits were cool, I threaded strawberry laces though the holes for the kite tail and quickly iced a cross on each one. I served them on sheets of paper with clouds drawn on them. They turned out quite well for a rush job! I would like to make these again when I have more time and ice them properly. I think they would look pretty amazing if I could spend some time on them.
Lily takes a turn
.W"With a tuppence for paper and strings,
You can have your own set of wings
With your feet on the ground
You're a bird in flight,
With your fist holding tight
To the string of your kite"
~ from 'Let's go fly a kite' by Robert B. Sherman
Of course, if we'd held onto the string of our kite a little tighter, we'd still have it!
This is my second best kite biscuit. I went to take a picture of the best one and promptly dropped the camera on it, breaking it into pieces!

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Quidam_Ela said...

Reminds me of the kite-eating tree from the Peanut sketches!