Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lily's leavers' concert.

Although yesterday was Lily's last session at playgroup, this morning we were back there for her leavers' concert. All the children in the playgroup were on stage to perform a selection of summer-themed songs and nursery rhymes. Lily joined in beautifully and performed all the actions with great aplomb. The children were told to dress as if they were going to the beach and Lily had quite clear ideas as to what she should wear. I picked out one of her pretty nautical-looking dresses with a sailor collar and was told "Mummy, I don't want to wear that dress. When you go to the beach you wear shorts!". Well, that told me! Consequently she is looking a little more casual than I would have liked. Ah well, at least she was happy! Unfortunately, we forgot that her flip flops were still in the car until after Daddy left for work, so she had to complete the look with her black patent shoes!
At the end of the concert, all the children who were leaving to start school were given a book and Lily sat on stage waving it at me to make sure I could see it. Afterwards, she walked out of the door with her Nanna and Grandad without a backward glance at the place! Thus endeth a chapter of Lily's life. No more playgroup! In September I will be dropping her off to school in the morning with her brother and it will just be Emma and me until 3.10pm in the afternoon. It will seem very quiet without my bubbly Lily about the place, but at least I feel that she is ready for the transition to school. I'm not sure I am though!

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