Thursday, 20 May 2010

Party planning

Lily will be turning four next week. Ever since Tom's sunshine party last October, Lily has been quite adamant that she wants a "heart party and a strawberry birthday cake". Since it is only a family affair this year I'm not going over the top, but I am having a lot of fun putting together a little heart-themed birthday for her.
With Lily's theme in mind, I decided to treat myself to a couple of 8 inch heart-shaped cake tins. With two daughters (not to mention Valentine's Day) I figured I will get a fair amount of use out of them. I really wanted the 10 inch tin, but it wasn't available when I came to order it and I wanted to make sure I had it in time for next week. I've already started making the party decorations and I am really hoping to be able to pick up some wrapping paper with hearts on. I'm particularly excited about using my heart-shaped silicone bun cases to make the fairy cakes. I picked them up around Valentine's Day, knowing that they would come in handy for Lily's birthday. I've not used them yet though and my previous experiences of using silicone bakeware have not been great. We may end up with traditional fairy cakes yet, but at least the birthday cake will be in the shape of a heart!

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Quidam_Ela said...

You could also put the cake tins end to end to make a bow-tie for the lads.