Friday, 28 May 2010

The birthday girl

My beautiful four year old girl!
Lily had a lovely day. I woke everyone early to make sure she had time to open her gifts before we took Tom to school. My late night was more than rewarded when, having seen her decorations and opened a couple of gifts, she gave me a big hug and said "Thank you for making my birthday lovely".
We spent the morning playing with her new toys, doing her new puzzle and making lots of art. Her Nanna and Grandad arrived just after lunch, so they played with her while I decorated the cake, made sandwiches and got the table ready. They brought lots more gifts with them, including lots of new art supplies, so Lily (and Tom when he got home) had a great afternoon crafting. I was quite touched when Lily brought me a thank you card she had made, entirely without prompting. Such a sweet girl...I can't believe she's four!
Opening gifts

Playing with her new tin tea set and wooden cake stand.
Watching her paint turntable
Playing with the Bindeez set sent by her Auntie Lainey and Uncle Gruff.

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