Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter victuals

Our Easter tea table. Please tell me I'm not the only woman in her thirties who uses paper doilies!
Would it surprise you to learn that we topped off our Easter Sunday celebrations with a special tea? Mark's mum and dad spent Easter Sunday with us, so I did a roast chicken with the usual trimmings for lunch. I made an apple and blackberry crumble for pudding and served it with custard. One shouldn't be fancying such things in April, but it has been so cold here lately that I'm still wanting winter fare!
Our Easter tea table included sandwiches (one lot of cheese, one of egg), Shrewsbury biscuits, fairy cakes, fruit and Easter nests (chocolate covered Shredded Wheat with Cadbury's mini eggs in the centre). As if we hadn't already consumed enough sugar!
Of course, I had to make fairy cakes! I bought the edible decorations at Hobbycraft...they were too cute to pass up!
I put egg cups filled with mini chocolate eggs around the table
Hastily iced Shrewsbury biscuits, cut into various Easter/spring shapes


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tea table. It looks so delicious and so prettily displayed. Lucky podlings!

Catherine said...

You're certainly not the only woman in your 30s who uses paper doilies! I love the fairy cakes - very pretty!