Wednesday, 21 April 2010

9 months old

Emma is now a very active nine month old. This basically means that it is getting quite difficult to get her to pose for her monthly photograph! This was the best of the bunch. In most of the others she is trying to eat the hairbrush I gave her in a vain attempt to stop her rolling away. In the others she is rolling away! She still can't crawl, but she can get around quite quickly now with her bizarre sequence of rolling, pushing and spinning. She also seems to have acquired the ability to move around whilst seated. I will sit her in one spot and find that she has somehow bottom-shuffled her way to a new location. In the last two days she has started trying to pull herself into a kneeling position...she'll be running about the place before I know it!

She is very much a Mummy's girl at the moment and gets very upset if I walk away or leave the room. She has also developed an unfortunate penchant for screaming loudly when she is bored or frustrated. She has always been a very vocal baby, but this particular means of communication is somewhat less endearing than the rest of her baby chatter. It is, in fact, quite annoying!

Emma is growing and developing at such a pace at the moment. It never ceases to amaze me how fast babies develop between six and twelve months. She is such a funny little character, with quite firm opinions. I think she is going to be quite strong willed! She is certainly quite determined not to let me get a decent night's sleep, bless her!

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Diane said...

What a beautiful cheeky smile Emma has, they do grow up fat too quickly.x