Monday, 5 April 2010

The colour purple

It doesn't pay to get distracted!
Mark gave Emma her pudding today whilst I did some cleaning upstairs. Having eaten only half of her apple and blueberry dessert, Mark put the bowl well out of her reach on the dining room table while he quickly popped upstairs to ask me something. Unfortunately, Mark didn't take the Lily Factor into account. On coming back downstairs, Lily cheerfully called out "I'm feeding Emma!". I walked into the dining room to find that Lily had handed the half full bowl of purple pudding to Emma, who was having a ball smearing it all over herself and every available surface of her highchair. I removed her bib ready to throw the now purple baby in the bath and was rather amused to find a perfect bib shape on her babygro beneath...the only part of her that wasn't covered in pudding! Could this baby look any more pleased with herself!

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