Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Time for tea

I hadn't heard of raspberry leaf tea in my previous pregnancies, but have since come to hear of its supposed benefits in late pregnancy. It is believed, amongst other things, to make the second stage of labour more efficient and to help the uterus to contract after birth. I figured there was no harm in giving it a try in this pregnancy. After all, who doesn't want that second stage of labour to go quickly!
After my cousin had her little girl earlier this year, she passed several boxes of raspberry leaf tea on to me (with strict instructions from my aunt not to take it until I was 37 weeks pregnant). With Mark being away and wanting to get the bedroom decorated, I have held off drinking it until now just in case. I was fancying a hot drink this afternoon and, suddenly remembering the raspberry leaf tea, duly brewed myself a cup. I have to admit I wasn't expecting to be overly keen on it as I'm not normally a fan of fruit teas, but this stuff is delicious. Regardless of its supposed benefits in late pregnancy, I'm going to enjoy drinking this tea anyway. It is set to become my new drink of choice. Of course, if I go into labour tonight we might give some credit to the tea!

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Fi said...

A friend of mine swore by it - sounds as though she was drinking it VERY strong though! I bought a box half way through my pregnancy but didn't actually manage to drink any of it as the builders were still in doing the kitchen and I wanted them to finish before I tempted fate...they left the day I got out of hospital so I didn't actually drink any. Maybe this time...