Sunday, 7 June 2009

Evidence of nesting

Exhibit A - The toy cupboard
The Podlings have a lot of toys. Seriously...we probably have more toys than the toddler group we frequent! I have regular culls, but the toys just seem to keep multiplying! We are lucky enough to have a playroom/family room in addition to our lounge, so most of the toys are kept in there. However, I find that if the Podlings have all their toys out at the same time, they don't play with anything. I've had a lot of success with toy rotation, but have been unhappy with how we've been storing the out of rotation toys.
One of the things I really wanted to do before the baby arrives was to reorganise our toy storage to minimise the potential for chaos when I'm sleep deprived. When we were in Asda on Saturday, I spotted some large lidded Tuff crates at £4 each. I snatched up six of these beauties and spent today on a mission to restore order to the play room. I'm really pleased with the result and have basically spent the latter part of the evening sat on the sofa staring at the newly ordered room. I'm a nesting machine at the moment and the house is looking so much better for it. There's still lots to do however, so I'm hoping baby will stay put for a few more weeks.


Fi said...

I'm impressed! I like Dangermouse and Penfold :-)

Paula said...

The Podlings love Dangermouse, which Mark and I are thrilled about as it gives us an excuse to watch them too!

Thanks for the beach tips in your comment the other day. We'll try some of them out if the weather ever improves again. I'd love to go to that squirrel reserve.