Monday, 19 October 2015

Tom's 11th Birthday

Tom loves Minecraft, so it was natural that he would want a Minecraft theme to his birthday. Many of his gifts were Minecraft related and I made a Minecraft themed birthday cake, fairy cakes and banner for his special day. Both sets of grandparents were able to spend the day with him and he spent some of the afternoon out playing with his friends. We were all able to sit down together for his birthday tea thanks to our new (to us) dining room table, which extends to seat eight, although we managed to get ten around it.Tom had a really lovely day and told me that he thought it was his best birthday yet. 

The banner I made had slimes and endermites, two of Tom's favourite Minecraft creatures

Tom loved his birthday cake

I confess I was rather pleased with how Tom's cake turned out. It is nice when something turns out exactly the way you pictured it!

For those of you unfamiliar with Minecraft, the little figures on the fairy cakes are slimes. I made them from green fondant. Tom has been saving them and they are currently residing in his bedroom. 

I love having the larger table. We had rather outgrown our old one and it is so nice to all be able to sit down together at birthdays now. I don't yet have any tablecloths large enough to cover it when it is extended, but find a double duvet cover works very well! 

The birthday boy presiding over his birthday tea

The candles on Tom's cake burned with different coloured flames and were a big hit. 

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