Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Mornings with my Boodle

I love my mornings with Alex, or Boodle as he is affectionately known: The Boodle, Boodle Boy, Baby Boodle, Mr Boodle...he answers to them all! He is an outdoor boy, so we normally try to fit in some outdoor time, be it a walk in the fields behind the house, a trip to the park, playing in the garden or a longer walk with him in the pushchair. He just loves being outside. Today, however, was very wet so we were indoors all morning. After trying his hand at painting, we played with the wooden blocks for a while before he started fetching me books. Alex loves to be read to and I keep a selection of suitable books in a basket so he can choose them himself. He normally fetches me a book and then trots off to the basket for another book as soon as the first one is finished, unless it is a favourite in which case I have to read it again. He sometimes gets a bit overexcited if we have two of his favourite books out at the same time and wants me to read back and forth between them simultaneously, which I try to discourage! I am so thrilled that he loves books and he seems to have a very good attention span, so we usually get in a good reading session in the mornings.

This morning I got out our Fisher Price Little People collection and he had a fantastic time playing with the garage. Alex is car-obsessed and loves nothing more than being surrounded by lots of wheeled toys. Whenever I get his highchair out for lunch he normally chooses a selection of cars which he then puts on his table to entertain him during his meal.

At the moment he has his nap at about half eleven and then I give him his lunch between 2 and 2.30pm. This means he is able to go until six for his tea, which means the whole family can eat together. It is working very well at the moment as it gives us a lovely morning together and then I get a couple of hours to get things done before it is time to fetch the others from school.

I love having a little one at home still. Granted, I don't get everything done. The house frequently looks like a bomb has hit it and I am never on top of the ironing, but Alex won't always be small and I don't want to waste his babyhood cleaning windows! During term time, the mornings are our special time and I plan to make the most of them while they last. Sadly, with three children already at school, I know they don't last long.

Fetching a book from the basket

I think I'll read this one myself

The Fisher Price garage was a 'Big Brother' present for Tom when Lily was born (he was similarly car-obsessed at the same age). Tom has become a big brother twice more since then!

You may notice he is wearing his shoes indoors. This is because he is also shoe obsessed. If you don't want him to wear shoes, you have to hide them!

I love this little guy so much!

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