Friday, 2 October 2015

Back to the Future

So, here's the thing...we go on a lot of adventures and I take a lot of photographs. I also have four children, one of whom is very young, which doesn't leave me with an awful lot of spare time. The upshot of which means I am incredibly far behind on my blogging. Podheim is my way of recording the memories I make with my family, so I can't bear to leave anything out. I find I am getting further and further behind in an attempt to get up to date with my photos. In trying not to leave out any of the the lovely 'big' things we do, I find I am left leaving out the little, everyday things. The crafts, the baking, the conversations, the little things that make life with little people so wonderful. I don't want to forget these things either. There are many memories on this blog that I would have forgotten had I not recorded them here. So here's what I am going to do...

I am giving myself permission not to update the blog chronologically. I am going to start blogging again from 'now' and I am going to go back and update the backlog as and when I have the time and in no particular order. I want to get the blog back to what it is supposed to be, a record of our life made at the time we are living it. I apologise if this makes things a little confusing around here for a while. I will endeavour to keep the Podheim Facebook page up to date when I do a back-dated post, so if you follow me there you can keep up to date with my progress. You can also follow me on Instagram (under the name Podheim), where I do tend to post random snapshots of our day. I'm looking forward to blogging in the present day again!

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