Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Alexander's First Painting Session

It was raining this morning, so since we were looking for indoor entertainment I thought I'd try Alex with poster paints for the first time. Naturally the first thing he did was to taste them. Apparently poster paints are disgusting! I had to give him a small piece of chocolate to take the taste away. He makes quite a fuss if he eats something unpleasant, repeating 'Yuch! Yuch!" and trying to scrape the offending taste off his tongue with his fingers. I showed him what he was supposed to do with the paintbrush and he had a good go at spreading and dotting the paint around, in between pointing at the fridge for more chocolate!

The painting session came to an abrupt end when he suddenly decided to have another taste of the paint, this time a very large dollop of blue! He was not at all impressed with the flavour, so we called it a day, with him looking rather like he'd eaten a Smurf! We'll try again another day, but perhaps I need to hunt out some edible paint recipes at this stage!

Paintbrush in one hand, chocolate in the other!

Getting into it, with a paintbrush in each hand

"Surely it can't taste as bad as it did just now?"

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Lainey said...

For edible finger paints, try a watery cornflour and water mix, then you can add edible colouring (e.g. ketchup, Marmite, food colouring - if you can find any without additives etc.)
Or try mixing up some jelly sachets but add more water. Might make an interesting sensory play session.