Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Sheffield Park Garden

We arrived at Sheffield Park with the intention of eating a quick lunch in the picnic area before going to explore the gardens. Unfortunately the wasps put a stop to any notion of a quick and peaceful lunch and I very soon had two hysterical little girls on my hands. I resorted to taking them to the baking hot car to eat, although neither of them was much in the mood to eat after the wasp fiasco. All of which meant that in the end we only had about an hour to explore the garden and there is a great deal more than an hour's worth of garden to see there. We took a stroll around one of the lakes and everyone had a pleasant time, although the girls were still a little jumpy about flying insects. They brightened up when we told them we were planning fish and chips on the beach again for tea!

The impressive house is privately owned and not open to the public

Lily by the lily pads!

Calm and happy again!

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