Thursday, 13 August 2015


We ended the second day of our trip to Sussex with fish and chips on Lancing beach. Mark was born in Sussex and lived in nearby Sompting for the first five years of his life. We drove past the house where he lived and acquired the fish and chips from the little chip shop around the corner. We enjoyed our fish supper on the beach and then took the Podlings to the recreation ground, where they played until it was too dark to see. The fabulous playground was probably the Podlings' favourite part of the whole weekend, but I don't have any pictures as I had put the camera away so I could just play with my babies (yes, I do occasionally put the camera away!). 

The boys playing ball

Little man loves fish and chips

"Mile upon mile of glorious golden sand!" - Mark's frequent affirmation whenever we are on a Sussex beach

To give you an idea of aforementioned golden sand!

"Car!" Alex has one word and he uses it a lot. He is absolutely obsessed with cars (anything with wheels really) and always points and exclaims 'Car!' whenever he sees one. I love that I was able to catch him in mid-"car!" in this picture.

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