Saturday, 25 April 2015

Mediaeval Fun at Beeston Castle

In honour of St George's Day, Beeston Castle were holding a day of Mediaeval themed events. We had wanted to get there earlier in the day, but due to various commitments we weren't able to get there until late afternoon. Lily and Emma got into the spirit of things by dressing up as a knight (Lily) and a princess (Emma), but Emma soon abandoned her too big princess hat.

It was a bitterly cold day, feeling rather more like winter than spring, which rather spoiled the fun for some of the Podlings I think. Only Lily doesn't really feel the cold (she takes after her grandad there!), and I think it is obvious from the photos that she enjoyed herself the most. Emma spent most of the time playing the mediaeval games with her Nanna, Tom just bounced his ball around as usual and Alex wanted Mark to walk him around until the cold got too much for him.

Lily and Emma did take part in the children's battle, which involved children fighting adults with foam swords. They obviously both really enjoyed this and both did a rather good job of playing dead at the end of the battle. We warmed up afterwards with tea and biscuits back at the car before heading home for fish and chips for tea. Hopefully they will do something similar next year and we will be able to get there a bit earlier in the day. Hopefully it will also be warmer!

One of the re-enactors let Lily try on his helmet. 

Lily with a replica helmet and sword

The mediaevel encampment

Emma playing quoits with Nanna

Lily and Emma getting ready to battle

Lily in mid-battle

"Walk me, Daddy, walk me!"

"Where's my tea?"

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